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Carryon Regardless

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With the 11 properties and insurance coming up at different times I allowed 3 properties to lapse. I had invited AXA my main insurer to quote for a synchronised renewal and the result was a hefty penalty, effectively. So I took a bit of a risk and today insured 3.

Using the online sites the quotes and cover varied dramatically, and as usual the process was a flippin' faff.

I had a call from CIA but the lass needed to go away to check on the 2 indentical(ish) Welsh properties as the post code had flagged up a flood risk.

I opted for Saga. The site, and actually by phone when I rang to query, would only allow for individual processing. I had already insured the 1st at £162+, the other 2 identical properties were coming in at different prices and the 10% multi property discount actually resulted in a 10% penalty, strange that. On the phone we processed the 1st at £300+. The 2nd was then at £358 so I queried, as expected the answer was pathetic so I cancelled both.

Back to the search, just for the 2 now. Prices from AXA, just for interest were £115+ each, but the cover was near non existent.

Through a broker site I ended up on the Zurich site. £162+ for each with good enough cover, so I proceeded to the online payment page, then they rang me. Double checking the details She was only aware of 1 property so tongue in cheek I asked what they could do for the 2, away she goes for a short while and returns with £139+ for each. A good result so I paid up, sorted.

Then CIA rang back, ran through the cover - and it is better than Zurich, even accidental and malicious damage by T's, wow.

So the punchline, are you ready for it................. £309 for all three properties, well I wasn't ready for that. Too late now, but I've asked them to call me back next year.

Their number 01788 818 600. I'll be keeping that handy.

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I have a multi property insurance with Simple Landlord Insurance. The quotes and cover are pretty good for me but I am always chopping and changing to get the best deals and more importantly the right cover.

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I changed one property to Direct Line as a trial using this approach:-

My broker gave me a quote of £ 285 for buildings and common areas cover on a maisonette with 2 bed flat under - big Edwardian property.

I tried Direct Line but by accident (genuine) lopped a £100 of the broker quote.

Direct Line then comes back with £175 for both props! I took it.

It will be interesting to see what I get quote next year.

Saga - a relly used them one year for home insurance but subsequently the price went up alarmingly for no reason. Maybe they all do this.

Most of my stuff is with LV and has been for years - also gets you good quotes on travel and motor cover too. Currently got worldwide travel for 90 days a year for £48!

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I'm with LV for cars and home and travel............been with them for years in fact just renewed car insurance this morning with them.

Good price, quite happy and in the knowledge from past experience, they don't mess you about if you have to make an accident claim.

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Certainly pays to shop around! Incidentally, do you know who the insurer is behind the CIA quote you received?

Sorry, she did say but I wasn't paying great interest until she gave the price.

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We have 2 properties insured with Direct Line. One of them came up for renewal during a void period. The property had been unoccupied for 28 days when the renewal date arrived and I had previously informed Direct Line of the expected void.

When I phoned to renew, Direct Line wanted to increased the premium by 40% because of the unoccupancy….. which I accept.

They asked us to take the usual precautions of turning off services and draining the central heating system…. which I accept.

But then they informed me that after 60 days they would cancel the insurance and return the proportion of premium pro rata…. this I felt is unacceptable. Although the property usually lets quickly, there seemed to be less interest this time and I did not want this worry.

I spoke to a broker who solved the issues for me.

I spoke to Direct Line voicing my discontent and suggested that voids often approach and exceed 60 days, (advertising time, plus vetting, plus

one months notice the tenant gives to their current landlord). All they could say was that if the renewal date had not of coincided with a void, there would not have been a problem.

The property was reoccupied after 78 days, the longest void we have ever had.

Although Direct Line are usually competitive, I shall not be using their Landlords insurance in future.

I wonder how many other insurers have this time limit.

Mortitia… Melboy…. We too have had a property insured with LV since 2006 with no issues like the above or steep premium increases.

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Whilst we are talking about house insurance etc.

Last July my home was hit by ball lightning during a thunderstorm. The result was a lot of damage to the roof and interior lounge walls and the subsequent electrical surge destroyed a lot of electrical equipment including washing machines etc.etc.

I was insured with Direct Line and had been for all of two months and never prior to that. They sent an assessor around within 48hrs and settled the claim with a cash cheque and allowed me to proceed asap to get everything fixed which was completed very quickly.

Can't speak too highly of the way I was treated by Direct Line with my claim.

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