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Damage to leasehold property


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Following a car driving into my tenanted (leasehold) property, my tenant is left with an open hole in his living room wall. My freeholder communicated initially but has now gone quiet on me. What should I do? I will lose my tenant if it isn't fixed ASAP or upset my freeholder and be out of pocket if I tamper with his building!

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Do you have driver's insurance details?

Either way:

1) Contact your buildings/ block insurer as soon as you can - explain situation and they should open claim for you. You may even find you have emergency damage insurance within this to immediately or temporarily fix any danger parts of building to prevent it getting worse.

2) Find tenant alternative accommodation (even if temporary while you sort out actions and durations) - you may have obligation to do this on your tenancy agreement.

3) Sort out with freeholder and buildings insurer how to proceed with repairs (appointing builder etc. may require alternative quotes, survey etc. etc.) This isn't 'tampering'. Insurers may take this in hand for you.

Keep record of all your costs and dates, phone calls, emails, etc. etc. - Records should help response by insurers and their loss adjusters.

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I addition to the excellent advice already provided by others....

* The tenant should carry on paying FULL rent whilst they are in temporary accommodation.

* If you have landlord insurance it should cover some/ all of the expenses not covered by the other insurances.

* Don't worry about upsetting the freeholder or anyone else......just concentrate on getting your property reinstated.

* Safety must be your primary concern......make sure the building is safe and is not about to collapse.

* Security should come a close 2nd......make sure the property and its contents are secured.

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