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Change of owner


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I've just purchased a property and there is currently a tenant in there on an AST. Its about 4 months into the agreement. The fixed term tenancy agreement that was originally granted is in the old landlords name.

Is there a form or something which I need to send to the tenant to notify them of the change of owner?

Any help would be much appreciated!



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One for Trenners..................

Yes by law your name and address (Landlord) must be given the Tenant for contact purposes etc.

Arrange to have a new AST drawn up.

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Thanks Melboy .....

I seem to recall that under the Landlord and Tenant act 1987 - the tenant has the legal right to know who their landlord is and also where the landlord lives (as Melboy says so that they can be contacted). If the tenant does not know who their landlord is then I don't think any rent is due. No rent is due because the tenant pays the rent to the landlord but if the tenant doesn't know who the landlord is ... how can they pay them rent?

So, you need to urgently write to the tenant informing them that as from a specific date the landlord changed. You need to provide full name and address details of the new landlord. You should also confirm that all other aspects of the tenancy (as defined within the original tenancy agreement signed with the original landlord) remain in force.

Hope that helps......


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