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where do we stand


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hi all

need some advice on a property

we currently have 3 rental properties

2 let through an agent and 1 let privately to 'friends'

we now need to sell the privately rented one

we did inform the tenants 11th feb that come april 1st the rent would increase to £800 pcm

or they would have to find alternative accomodation

we also gave them first refusal to buy the property

we served them a section 21 on 8th feb staing we wanted to property back on may 1st if they didn't agree to the rent increase

they ignored the first letter and then returned the section 21 to us signed mar 9th

the have also sent us a signed letter saying they will be out by the end of april

although they have made us aware they have been advised they could be awkward and we would have to issue court proceeding if they didn't want to leave.

the rent rent for april was to be £800, they paid us £350 claiming they can't afford anymore

we have no deposit and they have refused to go through an agency

we have the house up for sale but they refuse to let the agents show potential buyers round the property

they have been abusive to the estate agents too

where do we stand legally? and how quick can we get them out

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Two options:

A: Wait until 2 months rent is owning/arrears and serve section 8 with grounds 8.10.11. Then apply for a court hearing

B: If you are sure the section 21 is correct apply for the possession order after the 2 months notice.

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where do we stand legally? and how quick can we get them out

I'd just add the following:

1. Letting to 'friends' is never recommended......it usually ends in tears.

2. Always take a deposit or some other safeguard eg a home owning guarantor, rent guarantee insurance etc.

3. You can do nothing about their refusal to allow viewings.....its their home and their right to refuse.

Good luck.

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