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central heating grants

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I have grants for central heating in the following regions






Perth and Kinross


North Ayrshire

replacements for gas, oil and solid fuel systems

private houses and private lets who are on affordable warmth group benefits ie working tax credit, income support etc

for full details


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I have contacted a number of companies such as yours to upgrade heating systems for tenants on benefits and they either takes ages to get back to you and then say the grant scheme has ended or they don't get back at all.

How long is the process with you from the time of first contact?

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right now if I get your details on database before 20th march and you are in the catchment area and eligible I can have someone round to look at proof of benefits, tenure and check the boiler is below 86% efficiency within 7 working days then that is checked by ofgem and approval given..so first contact within 7 working days and then boiler replacement can be done to suit you and your tenant anytime between now and cut off in August

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well the only thing I have just now is free cavity wall insulation ...funding for around 1200 jobs through one of the big six ....as usual first come first served.... unfortunately only in Scotland ....the only qualifying criteria is that I can save 30 tonnes of carbon from your house, as usual we will carry out an EPC to determine if you will meet this figure, if so the work will be free.

There are no other companies with this funding just now and probably wont be until later in the year................................ although I hear through the grapevine that cash back is starting again very soon, but you have to put the money out and wait for it back.... but I can still do it free !!!

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