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Front door damage


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Hi there

I have a situation where a tenant contacted my MA saying the front door had swelled due to the weather and was sticking. It needed planing, so the MA asked if I'd like a price from their contractor.

I replied and stated yes, please get a price.

The price came in, but before I had chance to go ahead with the work the tenant went back to the MA with a picture showing the door had become so stiff, when opening and closing it had caused the frame to be broken.

Of course this needs fixing/replacing ASAP, but part of me is thinking if only the tenant had reported it before it got so bad it would have been a simple 30 minute job or less to plane the door a little.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.

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We've had a lot of wet weather, temperatures at this time of year are low and we go for days where everything outside is damp. Its not unusual for timber frames to swell, sometimes quickly and remain like that until temperatures rise significantly.

In your shoes I'd just get it fixed and put it down to experience. A well fitted timber door/frame with adequate paint/ stain and suitable clearances should be able to make it through a British winter without breaking.

Don't even think about charging your tenant for the cost. You'll never prove anything and the likelyhood is that there was something defective with the door or frame that caused it to be sticking in the first place.

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Thanks both. I appreciate your replies.

Just woken up (it's 2.15 am here!) and the MA's handyman us there now and has quoted £60 for the whole repair/plane job. Not a price I'll quibble at all.

Tenant is long term so I haven't/won't say anything about it, but it did cross my mind, hence the question.

I've thought about replacing the door and might do that in the summer so next winter is hassle free. Good suggestion.

Thanks again.

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Yes.....its always a landlords responsibility to initially sort out & pay for these sorts of issues. Especially when glass is broken & the property is not secure.

Wether the landlord could successfully claim the costs back from the tenant would depend on the circumstances.

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