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I recently had a phone call from an apartment manager asking if our company can provide tech support services to their residents. I said "of course we can!", But not really knowing exactly what she was wanting or needing. She didn't tell me anything at the time, and just wanted to know if we could, and hung up.

It got me thinking..is there a market for that sort of resident amenity? I mean our business is based on providing IT support and tech services to businesses...why couldn't we modify it in a way that we could do the same service for apartment residents?

So I am tossing this out to you apartment and property managers...Is this something a property could/would offer it's residents in the same way it offers Free WiFi or free Internet? If so what would you pay?

I am looking for any and all feedback that you have to offer..is this a thing?

Thanks for your time

Ron Kulik
Ron Kulik
RMK Consulting
1503 Thorpe Ln
San Marcos, TX 78666
Office: 512-761-7652 x119
Cell: 512-757-1894
Toll Free: 855-860-8600
Tech Support: 512-761-7652 Option 1

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This 'might' be something that is offered in very exclusive Chelsea or Westminster appartments built by Candy & Candy but it aint anything likely to see the light of day anywhere in my part of Essex.

Residents with computer problems find their own technical/ computer monkey.

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