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I'm thinking about getting some "proper software" to manage my residential letting business and I have heard about a product called LandlordPro.

Does anyone have any experience of it ... is it any good ..... do you know if there any reseller channels that can offer a discount off the headline price.

Any thoughts or comments ?



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The one we use is called Landlord Enterprise - they just released a new version for 2009.

It does all of the accounting, scheduling, maintenance logs, and manages all of our tenants, units, and leases. It tracks all of my payments, late fees, and expenses.

It contains lease and application forms.

The tech support is pretty good and they have a free trial at www.landlordenterprise.com

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I keep all my basic property details and contacts for each prop in my 'page a day' diary . I always keep it with me - even on holiday. I even keep meter readings and utility account numbers in it.

A Tesco plastic briefcase type expander file (£4.99) for each prop keeps all the paperwork under about 12 headings and this covers just about every eventuallity. This all fits into 1 large cupboard in my study.

I love paper.


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I'm with you Mortitia!

Why make things difficult for yourself with fancy computer programs.

In my case its probably an age thing.

I find paper very easy (and reliable). I never save anything in Word, I print a hard copy and file it. Simples -as the Meercat says!



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Don't know if it is the same program you refer to but I have downloaded a trial version of a program called Landlord Manager Pro from

http://www.landlord-manager.co.uk/download...anpro_setup.exe. I believe it is a fully functioning version (v8) with a 30 day evaluation period. After download you do have to first register to get a username and key before you can try though!

I am sure that this may be considered rather strange as I have not even started letting yet and the fact that for the time being I will have only one property. My excuse (apart from being slightly nerdy computer type!) is that I am trying to learn the ropes before I start. I suspect that it would be just as easy to set up a spreadsheet or paper trail for just a couple of properties but with more who knows.

Maybe the trial period will be enough for you to evaluate usefulness prior to committing to buy.

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There are a fairly large number of software packages on the market, all of which testify to the need many landlords have as their portfolios grow to organise their property business in a systematic way.

1 x ring binder per prop does me and I'm with Selkirk on this one : excel speadsheets will do exactly what you tell them to do ! :blink:

The Rodent

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