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Boiler situation?


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I am considering buying a house which I intend to let and noticed that the boiler itself (a combi unit) is situated in a small bedroom above the kitchen. What is the situation with leasing out the house with the boiler in this location, is it legal or does in need to be downstairs in the kitchen?

I will be getting my landlords Gas Safety cert done regardless.



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There is no problem with a combi being in a bedroom other than the fact it is unsightly and possibly noisy when firing up! However, when you get your CORGI Gas Installer to do your Landlords Certificate ask him to check the whole of the installation out to make sure the installation conforms to CORGI Standard.

If and I say IF a fault was to develop later on causing injury to your Tenant then you cannot plead "Well it was there already and I never installed the Central Heating system." The Judge will not accept that as any excuse........as a recent Landlord found out when the Courts handed him a £5000 fine for a faulty boiler which nearly gassed the Tenant to death!

Your " Plumber" should be your new next best friend if you are a Landlord because when the heating breaks down in the middle of Winter your Tenant will expect the heating to be fixed darn quickly! Trust me on that one.

:rolleyes: One for your Landlord/ Tenant write-ups Mark in the Local Rag !!

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I'm pleased to see you are reading my column in the local paper.

I would also comment that although the property may be assessed as "safe" by a CORGI qualified engineer there will be quite a few people / parents that will not rent the property because they will not want to put their new born baby in the same room as the central heating boiler because 1) the noise might keep waking the baby and 2) they fear that if the boiler leaks or blows up then it will harm their child (which it probably would).

I once tried to let a property that had a cabin style bed built over the central heating boiler - needless to say it was impossible to let to a family.

PS: Thanks for the advice - I will use it as a question / answer in next weeks column !! <very big grin>


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