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A rebate on the rent?


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Would welcome your advice.

Work was required in my property and even though the tenants were paying rent they had not physically moved in - students and waiting til the start of term.

The work is complete and they are now wanting a rebate on the rent for the time the house was 'uninhabitable' even though they weren't there and had no intention of actually moving in for a month or so. Infact they are still not there even though it's been complete for two weeks.

Do they have an argument?

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Hi kxr999,

Of course they have a valid argument - stop being greedy !!

Landlords provide property that tenants can live in .... Tenants pay the rent for living in the property.

If the house was uninhabitable then the students aree notl iable and should not be charged rent. Any property that you provide (to students or otherwise) should be fit for human habitation.

I'm sure Environmental Health would be interested to learn that you are renting unihabitable property to the public.

The fact that they had not moved into the property is totally irrelevant as the place wasn't habitable anyway !!

Give them their money back for the period of time when the property was uninhabitable and - as a gesture of goodwill - why don't you give them a bottle of wine as way of apology as well.

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Mark is right.

You cannot charge anyone for rent if the property is undergoing refurbishment.

I 100% agree that they are due a refund for the period they could not occupy your property.

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Thank you.

'Uninhabitable' was their word not mine, the work was a small dripping leak under a tap.

Ah! Well! You never said what the problem was.

If it was a dripping tap, which would take no longer than 2hrs to repair or replace then of course they have no complaints.

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