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hi, will be putting my house up for rental for the first time in about a months time, have been reading this web site, and have much information, thanks all. i have down loaded the assured tenancy agreement, and will be requesting a guarantor. if the assured tenancy agreement runs for 6 months at a time, does a new guarantor need renewing each time also. thanks jennifer

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Hi Jennifer,

I'm not sure why you are planning to use a guarantor at all - unless you are certain that your prospective tenants are going to fail employment and/or credit check referencing.

If you do use a guarantor then you need to ensure that the guarantor agreement is signed AND WITNESSED before the assured tenancy agreement is signed or executed.

The Guarantor usually guarantees the rent associated with a specific tenancy agreement. However, at the end of the 6 month period, the tenancy could either lapse into a "statutory periodic tenancy" or you could decide to extend the original tenancy agreement for another 6 or 12 months.

Either way - in my opinion - the original tenancy has either been extended or lapsed so the Guarantor will remain liable.

Hope that helps .....


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