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buying a house cheap for cash


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Hi there

New to the forum i have been offered a house from a mate that is cheap we have agreed a price and it will be cash sale

The deeds are in his name and he has them with him, I know the area and the house

whats the quickest and cheapest way of changing the title deeds into my name im not bothered about local searches etc.


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You will still require either a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer.

Money Laundering rules are really tight now plus it is now a legal requirement that the Inland Revenue are informed of all property transanctions.

The cheapest Company I know of and I do use them, but have absolutely no connection with them is.

www.mundys.co.uk ( Specialist Property Lawyers)

I've used them about 6 times and found them excellent and very reasonable with no hidden surprises or charges.

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