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Landlords Insurance/ Credit Checks


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Im going to be letting out my property soon as a private landlord and im trying to decide what insurance policies to take out. I was considering rent guarantee and legal expenses cover, but want to do the tenant referencing myself. However, the companies ive found offering legal expense cover require a comprehensive check before offering me these policies. Personally, I do not want to rely on a good credit history to determine my tenant (as many prospective tenants will fail on minor defaults) but still want to have the legal protection to cover cost of evictions etc. So my question is, can I get this kind of insurance based on my own reference searches and without credit checks required? The reason im not too concerned about credit history too much is that, in my mind, if a tenant can afford the deposit and one months rent in advance, he is not likely to default on his/ her rent. My friend ( who owns many properties) has had all sorts of problems with finding tenants due to bad credit. He goes through a letting agency who make the decision on tenant suitability. Im also concerned that credit checks cost money and I might have to do several before finding a tenant that checks out (at least, enough to satisfy the insurer)



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I think you are wasting your money buying insurance policies (and lining the pockets of insurance companies). Rent guarantee insurance is not worth the paper it is written and how expensive do you really think it is to evict a tenant ?

The best way to spend you money is on professional referencing and credit checking (using companies such as www.rentchecks.com).

If you get a good tenant, with a good job, with a good history of paying previous landlords rent, with a good credit history - exactly what will you be insuring yourself against.

I've been letting property for over 8 years and I've never purchased _any_ of these insurance policies and I've never had a problem (because I present good quality property to quality tenants).

My advice - save your money, reference your tenants, enjoy your profits.


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Hello KNG

There are selected supplier pages on this website that can help you find companies with landlord services, please see this page for our Insurance partners-


There is also a company in our tenant referencing page called Clarity - They can arrange Insurance and Tenant Referencing. See there listing here -


If you like I can source a contact from one of these companies.


Partnership manager

Residential Landlord

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