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corgi certificates


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Hi all i would like some advice please

I am a tenant and have been renting the same house for 2 years, i pay my rent by dd and have never missed or been late with payments.

Back in january the boiler started to play up a bit , after telling the landlord on a number of occasions a plumber was sent round, He found the problem and went off to speak with landlord, since then (about 4 months ago) we have heard nothing.

Because of the summer we were not bothered but summer is fading fast.

Can i withhold rent until the boiler is fixed.

Also i have noticed the corgi cert runout in june 05 i have told the landlord loads of times about this to no avail . Is there anything i can do to force them to sort out the gorgi cert


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As a matter of urgency there must be a valid landlord's gas safety certificate for the property. If you don't have a copy of a current certificate, advise the landlord that if it is not resolved immediately you will report it to the Council's environmental Services Department.

Be wary of witholding rent for the boiler not working properly. The amount you withold must reflect the loss of facility no longer available and the circumstances, but is very subjective. For example, no access to hot water for a a single person with a young family or the elderly would carry a different weighting to no central heating in mid-Summer for a young adult.

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I totally agree with GPEL and would also suggest you report your landlord, IMMEDIATELY, to the Health and Safety Executive for not having a valid gas safety certificate. This is a CRIMINAL offence which could result in the landlord being imprisoned.

The HSE will write to your landlord and demand a copy of the gas safety certificate.

I wouldn't bother trying to get the ROGUE landlord to repair the boiler - I would serve notice on him just before the rent payment is due, withhold the last months rent (to ensure that you at least get the majority of your security deposit back) and go and find a landlord who will take the safety and comfort of his tenants more seriously.

The landlord might threaten you with court action and my advice would be to "see him in court". I'm sure the court would be very interested in how the landlord runs his rental properties.

Good Luck,


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