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How to obtain credit references?


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We always use letting agents to let our properties. We've decided to learn to do it ourselves, but we are so worry that we might let to the baddies

Is there any good advices how to go about checking people out before we commit to let?

What sort of checkings are required?

How to get credit references. is it expensive?

How do we know the character references provided are reliable or not?

Besides advertising at local paper, where else to advertise?

What sort of wordings to use to ensure that we are able to attract professional people?

Can someone point us to the right direction? Any websites that may be able to help?

Many thanks!

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www.experian.co.uk is a good reference check agency used by the letting agents.

There is a website where you can check for free if any bankruptcy notices have been placed against prospective Tenants. I'll see if I can relocate for you but failing that do a Google search for it.

If you are going to go it alone......... never allow a Tenant to occupy your property without carrying out thorough checks first.

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