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Tenants Leaving Before Contract Finishes


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I have tenants who are leaving my flat before the completion of the AST agreement.

I have a 12 month contract with them and they have been there for 2 months only.

Also, I have not received the last months rent from them.

The tenants provided written notice of 4 weeks that they were leaving the property. They claim that their reasons are that some fixtures were not in good condition and they also believe the flat was not in good condition.

My management agency is holding 6 weeks deposit from them which will cover rent to the point of their exit date plus a week or two.

Should I pursue them for breach of contract for the remaining period of the AST agreement? Does anyone have any experience in doing this, how successful have you been?

Any other advice?

Thank you!

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My advice is "if they want to go then let them go" and focus all your efforts in finding new tenants - withhold the deposit to cover the outstanding rent.

Ignore all the "whines" about the property not being in good condition - this is a standard tactic for tenants who want an excuse for terminating early (when there is no excuse whatsoever).

You could try chasing them through the courts - but is it really worth it ?

It is better to rent your property to someone who wants to rent it than chase someone for rent (who doesnt want to rent it).

Just one of the many trials and tribulations of being a landlord ...... <sigh>


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