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Electric Combi Boilers


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Has anyone had experience of a property with Electric Combi Boilers? I have a couple of flats (next door to each other) that the heating needs upgrading. It only has electric (though a gas supply is close by) but E7 or E10 cheap rate electricity isn’t available either so it would run on the normal/standard electricity rate.

I would guess the fitting of the rads and boiler would be a similar cost to a gas boiler but there would be no yearly gas cert.

Is it worth considering or should I bite the bullet and go down the gas route.

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Wish I knew Grampa. I've been trying to get user info on the new slimline electric radiators without success.

There is plenty online from the suppliers but of course you cannot believe everything they say.

I'm thinking of changing storage heaters for electric thermostatic rads in 2 porperties - one has no gas nearby.

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I only just spotted this and you may have made your decision.

Electric heating/hot water is still so much more expensive to run so it may well be worth getting gas in.

But it really depends on other factors to do with the properties.

If they are super-insulated modern home and very small then sticking with electric could be best - you will save a load of money on Annual gas certificates & maintenance.

But if the properties are big & older & draughty then really any one who lived there will want GCH so :

the rent you can expect will be lower with no gas


when you sell the property will be more attractive to buyers if it has gas.

Based on my own experience with many heating systems if I had only electric I would probably go for electric underfloor heating which is easy and cheap to install. Works really well at warming rooms has guarates of 25 years + and NO maintenance costs at all! - Landlord's dream!

I can give you more tips if you are interested. And Look at warm-up website for lots more info.

But Electric ufh is not suitable for every situation.

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