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Tenant in arrears and not responding to letters


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hi-my tennant of over 2 years has suddenly not paid rent due 25th june and 25th july. Recorded delivery letter has not been responded to. What should I do next. I know where the tennant works. Am i allowed to contact tennant at work? Or should i serve notice and what type of notice should i serve. Is there a standard letter to use?

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Simplest eviction if beyond the fixed term is section 21 but does not produce a CCJ for arrears.

You have a mandatory ground 8 under section 8 which although a shorter notice period does take longer because of the wait for court time but does award payment of arrears.

Top & Tail of this is whether you are likely to get any money.

I would not recommend either notice being served without a proper form - the wording has to be specific.

Notices are served at their home, or can be at work or even in the street.

Local landlord associations can usually advise.


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Hi Littledown,

Have you tried ringing your tenant ? Given that the tenant has been paying you rent without problem for the last 2 years I must assume that something has changed in your tenants circumstances that means that they are no longer able to pay the rent AT THE MOMENT.

Perhaps the recorded delivery letters have frightened them and they are ignoring them hoping the problem will go away. Why not call them and try and arrange a face to face meeting to discuss the rent problem.

Given that you have received a substantial amount of rent from this tenant - I think the very least you could do is to arrange a face-to-face meeting before serving repossession notices.


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