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neighbours of tenant


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Hope somebody can help me here. I have a single mum with two young boys in a house of mine its a assured tenancy done through a scheme my local council run. The tenant has been in only a few weeks but the neighbours are going bananas saying she is playing loud music etc, I sent her a formal letter telling her i would issue notice to quit should she not stop this behavoiur turns out the tenant was only watching tv. The local council have investigated and found that other neighbours are not complaining etc but the sound proofing between the houses is not great. The long and short of it is the neighbours are threatening me every other night with the law they say im responsible for my tenant and they are taking me to court. I will be seeking advice from a lawyer but cant get appointment till next week, I wonder does anyone know if this is indeed true can i be held responsible.

any help appreciated


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If you let through a council scheme they should offer you all the support you need. I'm surprised they have persuaded you to let on an assured tenancy - it prevents you using the quicker, simpler section 21 roue to evict.

If the Human Rights case in Northern Ireland had not been won you may indeed have found yourself criminally responsible for the actions of your tenants but I think the worst case scenario would be for the council to assist you in evicting the tenants if it gets that bad. But it wouldn't be easy section 8 on a nuisance ground is a discretionary ground and would need evry substantial evidence against your tenants.


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The Neighbours of your Tenant will call in the Local Authority Noise Abatement Officer who will run decibal noise checks and also actually listen to what the complaint is all about.

He will be the person who ultimately makes the decision on what course of action to take.

Only this week in Swindon the Council raided 6 homes and removed stereo radio equipment from the 6 properties after the people concerned, having been warned, that their music was too loud and that they were being anti-social to their neighbours.

So your Tenant needs to be aware of this because Councils are clamping down on people who have no respect for their Neighbours concerns regarding peace and quiet at an acceptable level.


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