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Problem with letting agent not recovering £


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Can anyone offer me any advice? In january this year, via a letting agents, who are paid for full management, two tenants moved into my flat. The letting agent told me the references were fine, that the girls were young, but that the landlord references checked out OK. From the moment the tenants moved in they were nothing but trouble. In total there were over 40 complaints about noise, anti-social behaviour, etc, etc. The girls finally moved out in July after I served them notice. The flat had been newly carpetted and decorated at the begining of the tenancy, along with all new white goods. The tenants have left leaving a trail of destruction (cigerette burns in carpets, front door kicked in, etc, etc). I then find out from the letting agent that one of the tenants was 17 when she signed the tenacy agreement( turned 18 a few days later), and that the landlords references that the letting agent accepted were from the girls parents (she did not inform me of either of these points at the time). The cost of the repairs and replacements is in excess of £1000, and the letting agent is holding the depost of £650 at the moment. The tenants are saying they did not do all the damage. How do I get the letting agent to pay the £650 to me (I have obtained quotes for work, some of which is under way as I cannot re-let the flat until its put right), She is reluctant to pay the deposit and doesn't seem interested in recovering the shortfall (about £400) from the now ex-tenants. She hasn't even got any quotes for the work needed (two weeks have passed and still nothing in writing), I'm losing rental whilst this goes on - what can I do?? Thank you in advance!

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Hi adamandeve,

I assume that the security deposit is held by the letting agent as "stakeholder" rather than "agent for landlord". This means that the tenant must agree to any deduction before the letting agent can pass the security deposit to you.

It seems, from your posting, that the tenants are disputing the damage caused by them and this would explain why the agent is continuing to hold on to THE TENANTS money.

So, to resolve this, you need to call a meeting with the letting agent, tenants and yourself at the property. You all need to agree what damage has been caused by the tenants and what deductions are reasonable. My advice is to try and compromise with the tenants rather than be confrontational.

No tenant likes to lose ALL of their security deposit.

If you can gain agreement from the tenants re: the damage done at this face-to-face meeting then you should be able to move things forward.

Good Luck,


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