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Council Tax arrears from tennants - Please help


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I have just recently moved back in to my home that i have owned for 5 years.Within that time i have been renting out the property, which has had 2 different sets of tenants.

I have recently found out that the first set of tenants have missed a entire year of council tax (roughly £1000) and have been issued with numerous notices from the local authority regarding their arrears.

Meanwhile this has now been passed on to the bailiffs and have threatened him with a prison sentence.(not to mention recovery of possessions)

Would i be responsible for the payment of this at all?, the tenant that the letters have been written to is currently touring Australia but is due to return soon.

When first renting the property i made them sign letting agreements but did not take down a deposit as he was a friend of mine.

Hope you can help



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He'll be in for a nasty shock when he returns from Oz.

The one thing that the Courts and Bailliff's always seem to win on is unpaid Council Tax and yes, if it's not paid he will be sent to the Pokey for a couple of Months.

What a shame the same rules don't apply to the Scumbags who cheat their Landlords out of their money eh!

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