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Desperately seeking a contract end agreement


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Does anyone know where I can download a agreement which is signed by the landlady (me) and the tenant to formally aknowledge the end of the tenancy period? I'm assuming I will need this as proof when contacting the local council and utility companies. The reason I ask is that my tenant is leaving 3 months earlier than stated on the tenancy agreement due to the tenant accepting a job overseas.

Is there a document which legally acknowledges the:

1. receipt of deposit by tenant from the landlady

2. check of inventory list on tenant's departure

3. receipt of property keys from tenant

4. departure date agreed by both parties

All documents I've found are termination contracts. Not what I'm after.

If there's nothing suitable I can draft something and quit being so blinking lazy, I suppose.

Thanks in advance!


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Items 1 3 and 4 Linda..... I made up my own simple forms as a record of whose signing for what etc. There is another website that allows you to download free forms etc. I'll see if I can locate it for you.


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Linda (and anyone else) www.landlordzone.co.uk

This is another very good website for Landlords with lots of freeby downloads for forms/agreements etc.

I use it quite a bit having discovered it 3 or 4 years ago on a "Google" search.

I don't contribute to their Forum as I would never get anything done! :P

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