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Deposit Quandary


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:angry: Can anyone offer some advice? I have just ended a STA with 3 sharers. My question is that associated with who do I return the deposit too. The Tenants just paid a lump sum.

The issue is complicated by the fact that the tenants did damage to the property so deductions will be made but, also the Tenants fell out with each other as some of the tenants were responsible for more of the damage than others. What happened to normal people ?

My question is should I make deductions according to responsibility return balance to each of them or, just make a reduction then give it back in equal shares or, just return balance to one of the tenants and let them argue as to who is responsible for what. Ref the latter I can see them cheating on each other but, is this my responsibility. Personally, I do not care as I am sick of the lot but, I want to do the right thing and just close the door on the who experience.

Any advice on what legally is the correct thing to do is.


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I'm a new landlord so I don't know the legal answer, but personally I would handle it the following way if they are squabbling over the remainder of the deposit:

Deduct for damage and inform them of what they are to have returned, put the onus on them to decide how it is to be split by informing them that you will be unable to return their deposit money until they are in agreement with each other, simply because you are awaiting thier joint instructions.

This I believe will make them come to an agreement, even if reluctantly and you get to stay out of thier squabbles. Common sense tells me that if they know they'll not get a penny back until they do agree, they will agree on something.

You certainly shouldn't get involved in their squabbles and refuse to by telling them to sort it out amongst themselves, and inform you once a decision has been made.

If that fails, switch the mobile off and spend it in the pub!!!! :angry: Just joking!

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I agree with Joanne above.

Ask them for the three amounts of money required and send them 3 seperate cheques to the individuals. Never get involved in petty squabbles.

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