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no hot running water!!!!!


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hiya all..

i,m new to all this but i got to try and find some help somewhere.

my father is living in a rented property and the boiler got condemed 32 days ago i,ve been incontact with the landlord and all he says is i,m waiting for parts but when the gas man corgi reg condemed it it said it needed ripping out and a whole new boiler put in but the landlord said he will change the flue and it will work again but he isnt corgi reg either.

My father put 2,000pound deposit down for this place and he has been there 18 months the landlord has deciced in the last month when the boiler got condemed that he wants my dad out now.

i,ve contacted the enviromental health officer but he seems to be working with the landlord more than working with the repairs in the place because not only has my father got no hot running water there is light sockets glued to the ceiling and they are falling down we get water from upstairs loo coming through downstairs loo ceiling and light but envormental health said thats ok???????

I feel that this place isnt even in living condition as no hot running water for 32 days he has to come to me everyday for a wash and shower thia isnt fair i dont think.

i,m not sure how long u have to be with out hot running water before you can press charges for compensation does anyone no???????????????

hope someone can help me plzzzzzzz

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The Landlord is NOT permitted to change the flue on the boiler.

If the CORGI Man has condemned the boiler than he MUST issue a notice of "not to be used" and attach the label to the boiler and they normally remove the master fuse as well.

This Landlord faces a large fine if he switches on a condemned boiler.

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