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Trouble with lettings agents


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Hi everybody!

I'm new to this site, so please forgive me if I make any glaring errors!

I'm letting a property and have discovered that my letting agent didn't take a bond for the property but instead have set up their own bond scheme. They didn't bring this to my attention before the tenants moved in and I specifically asked the manager (and owner) of the agency if he had taken a bond, and he said he had.

Since then, relations have 'cooled'. I don't wish for them to manage the property as I seem to be doing a lot of that work myself. This all culminated on Friday night, with a really offensive and highly unprofessional email from the manager to myself-he sent it at 23.05 so I assume he'd had a drink!

I have organised a meeting with him on Wednesday, but I really don't wish to meet with him, as his email above was full of lies and inaccuracies, plus he said that my tenants had a problem with me (I rang them yesterday, and they don't).

How do I get out of my contract with him, and how should I deal with him in the meeting on Wednesday, if I go?

I own one property (my old home) which I let, so I'm not an experienced 'professional' landlord as such.

Thank you, in advance,


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You can look thru the contract you have with the agent and identify those point(s) that the agent has not complied with.

If you can't actually identify anything firm then you are stuck with them until the end of the AST.....then you can say goodbye to the agent and the tenant and find new ones.

Selecting a suitable agent is the second most important task after picking the right tenants.

How did you pick your agents ?

Did you do any checks on them/ ask any questions ?

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Thank you both! The lettings agent is very popular in the town where my house is; it's family run and very modern and a bit trendy.

However, I think the manager (and owner) has let his popularity go to his head as the email he sent to me was highly unprofessional on many points (he sent it at just after 11pm on Friday night, and I suspect he'd had a drink).

I think that he would be the type that would find the tenants a different house and scupper me.... Just seems that sort of guy, now that I've seen the non-trying to impress future landlord side of him.

I have a meeting with him tonight and will go through all my concerns. Not looking forward to it, but I'm his customer and he should behave using the appropriate professional decorum. I'll let you know how I get on!

Thanks guys, you've been a big help!

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