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Help required pelase!


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Can someone please let me know where i stand?!?

My husband has walked out on me (b*stard!), we own an investment property next door to when we/I live.

The tenancy agreement runs to 23 November, i want to sell the property.

My husband hasn't tried to contact me since he walked out so i don't know what he's thinking or wants to do.

Can i write to the tenants and let them know that the property will be sold but that i will honour their contract to 23 November, but if they want to move out sooner they can. Can i do this or does my cheating husband have to sign the letter as well?

Your help is appreciated.


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If both of your names appear on the Tenancy Agreement then it has to be both of you by mutual consent.

You can however explain to the Tenants your circumstances and advise them that you will be taking the property back at the end of the agreement.

Give them first refusal to purchase the property though.

If you decide to sell, you will need your Husband's signature on the selling paperwork ( if the property title deeds are held in joint names) through your Solicitor so that may well cause some problems for you.

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