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cockroaches deposit


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Hi after some advice if anyone has any answers !

I have had a tennant for approx 10 months who left the property recently, i had an inventry clark do the check out who reported the flat was in a very bad state of cleanliness. I had a cleaning qote of £400 (1 bed flat) however did the work myself(20 hours). the tennants also left me with a bad case of infestation of german and asian cockroaches, the pest control technicians said it was one of the worst cases he'd seen , was most probably caused by imported food and they had been breeding for up to 4 months.

I have been fumigated twice disposed of all carpets and was advised to dispose of all soft furniture (including old but formerly expensive sofa beds and reclining chairs). Its 3 weeks since he left and the flat is still unihabitable.

I wish not to return any deposit , yet the tennant is claiming he will seek legal advise if more than £300 is deducted (deposit £850). the agent who collected the rent seems to think he would win even though i will be vastly out of pocket

Has any one any advise.



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You can only take from the deposit the money that is owed to you for services like cleaning etc.

You have only been recommended to dispose of the furniture but I would guess it is unlikely to have any infestation of cockroaches now.

If the furniture was damaged beyound repair than that would be a different matter.

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