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Making a Tenancy Agreement legal


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Hi there,

I'm letting my apartment out privately and I have a Tenancy agreement in line with UK law available.

How ever my question is once I have signed it and the tenant has signed it is it then legally binding? Or do I have to go to solicitors?

Please help?


Gareth Holland

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It is legally binding once both parties have signed, dated and witnessed.

Ensure you have completed all the relevant details within the contract correctly.

You do not have to go to a Solicitor if the Tenancy Contract does not exceed 3 years.

The FREE AST TENANCY DOCUMENT you can download from this very website is as good as you will find...anywhere.


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The button for the tenancy agreement is on the left hand side of the home page. There is an image of a handshake.

The free download is at this address - http://www.residentiallandlord.co.uk/tenancyintro.htm

Fill in the details and click submit. You can then print the document.

If you need any more help please email.


Partnership manager

Residential Landlord

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