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Renting and bankruptcy


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Hi, my husband and I faced a horrible year last year as he experienced two periods of unemployment. As I work part-time, it was impossible to keep up the repayments on our mortgage etc. Unfortunately, this year, I had no option but to go bankrupt. My husband isn't bankrupt. We have one child and two pets. We're struggling to find a landlord willing to take us on obviously because of our situation. The strange thing is, we're prepared to give up our home as we're paying over £1000 a month for it, and to rent will give us quite a bit of disposable income. We can provide a guarantor. We're just a normal working family needing a new home. We understand the difficulties landlords have with people in our situation, but we just wish someone would appreciate and understand ours. We just don't know what to do. Any ideas?

We're looking to rent in the Dover/Folkestone/Hawkinge/Capel area.

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Sorry you are having so much trouble. It's sad to say that once you have been declared bankcrupt it does limit your credit options somewhat!

I can't help you directly as I am in the Harrogate area but I may be able to give you some pointers.

I don't think the landlords mortgage co. would mind if the tenant had been declared bankcrupt, it's really down to the landlord.

I had a situation a few months ago where a guy approached me to rent a house. Right from the start he was very enthusiastic and loved the property - a bit too much really. I always insist on credit reference so gave him all the forms to complete. Then he stalled and delayed and was obviously not wanting to do it. Finally he admitted he was bankcrupt but that it ended in a few weeks. I checked this out and found out it didn't end for almost 3 years!

I turned him down mainly because he had lied to me from the start. The credit referencing company told me that he might have passed the credit check if he had a strong guarrantor (by that I mean someone earning a large amount of money)

All I can suggest is explain your situation to the landlord from the start, don't hide anything. Try and secure a guarrantor who's earnings are several times the monthly rent. And if possible, offer to pay for a few months up-front if you can (I know it's not always possible)

I know there are a lot of really nice people out there who had had to be declared bankcrupt, but there are a few who are not and these are the ones who spoil it for the others.

Good luck in your search!


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My advice is "be very honest upfront" and also look for a private landlord rather than trying to rent property through a letting agent.

When you meet the landlord explain your situation and show him that you are honest, decent, people. Tell him you will probably fail the credit checks - offer to pay a larger, upfront, deposit and, if you can, a few months rent in advance.

I am sure you will find a landlord that will give you another chance.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Good Luck,


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