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Am i being unreasonable???


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Hi just wanted some advice really.......

I am new to renting and have been renting now for about 3months. In that time I have had calls nearly everyday from my agent with complaints from my tenant!!

We had all the carpets cleaned and the hall way replaced the day before she moved in.....she has complained that the front room carpet still smells and has not been cleaned!!! The agent got it cleaned again but she is still complaining. She has complained about everything from the carpets to the state of the cleaning, the length of the grass in the garden.....the colour we pained a couple of rooms ( we redecorated 4 rooms in one weekend so it is not Lawrence Lewelling Bowen standards!!). Is there a line I can draw and so no more or is this what happens??!!!

I never realised this was such a stressful thing to do!!!



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Forget the Agent and have a head to head talk in the property, with your Tenant and try and resolve the issues again.

If you've painted the rooms in Nuclear Yellow (and badly) then yes, there may be cause for complaint and it may be need addressing.

Grass Cutting.....Easy get it cut and then, if that is your Tenancy Agreement arrangement, the Tenant takes over.

Smelly carpet........go in and have a whiff..... if it is a badly smelling carpet then perhaps the Tenant may have a case especially if it's a Cat Smell!

All these issues can be resolved by discussion and action and if that fails after all efforts then you have a Whinging Tenant with an ulterior motive......like... wants to break the contract early or pay you less rent! ......Trust Me!

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