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Renting to previous owners


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I'm in the process of purchasing a one bedroom flat to rent out. The current owners are a South African couple who are planning to emigrate to New Zealand. They have asked if following the completion date (we have not exchanged contracts though we have agreed on a sale price) they could rent out the flat until they sort all the legal arrangements to emigrating. I believe though I have not had this confirmed it could take about 6 weeks.

As I like the couple I agreed to this in principle though I stipulated subject to getting the most appropriate tenant contract in place. I've said the rent charge (the market rate as I'm not in the favour business!) will exclude rent. Now I'm thinking as it'll only be a month and a bit and they'll leave to NZ it would be difficult for me to charge for the bills after they have left. What's the best way to get around this?

I'm aware that before I agree it's important a termination date is agreed.

As a normal AST will not be appropriate, what T&Cs should I have in place?

I'd appreciate any advice or if anyone has had any similar experiences..?


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Easy.......6 weeks money upfront for the rent plus a written contract to cover the 6 weeks letting period which protects you from the Utilities chasing you for the money you don't owe them.

Remember, it is better to have things cut and dried this side of a deal then chasing defaulters up after it is too late.......especially when they are out of the Country.

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