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tenant having access before t/g starting


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I have a tenant moving in 31/7/06 (she`s been in her last place 3 years on full housing benifit and has to leave thro no fault of her own, its being knocked down)

My question is, if i get the t/g signed and dated 31/7/06 is there a potentail problem in giving her a access to start moving some her property in now? she has asked for a key and i believe her to be trustworthy but i do have to cover my back just in case.

Has anyone come across this before?

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I wouldn't give her a key. I would allow access under supervision to place her belongings there.

4 weeks is along time for the Tenant to have access without paying for the privilidge imo.

Give her full access no more than 48hrs before the 31/7 assuming the Contract and money/deposit is all in place and ready to run.

Landlords need to be wary and careful these days without being too obvious about it and if your in any doubt about that bit of advice then read the Forums where the Landlords have been shafted!

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