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Letting Agent Charging Too Much ?

Mr Hanson

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I used a letting agency to find tenants for my property 11 months ago and now I am approaching the end of the tenancy agreement they are trying to charge for the next 12 montts as my tenant wishes to stay on.

I never agreed to this as far as I am aware - Can anyone help as I fell I am being taken for a ride. Additionally they are asking for the money immediately.

Thanks in advance


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This problem often crops up on Landlords Forums.

If in your contract there is no statement to the fact that any continuance of Tenancy beyond the initial rental period will attract additional fee's or commission then you are under no obligation to pay anything.

You have paid for the Service offered initially by way of Commission."Tenant Finding Service"

All Landlords Old and New should ensure that the Letting Agents do not have this money grabbing clause in the contract before signing up.

It happened to me last year but I am a person who reads everything before signing and sure enough in the small print (and it was small!) there was that statement. I got it removed or they would not get my business. .....and they did!

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