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Secured Tenants


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I have a tenant who has lived in a private rented property for the last 20 years, this now gives him rights as a secured tenant/statutory tenant and can occupy the property by virtue of an interest until the determination of the tenancy.

This now means he has a right of occupation by virtue of an enactment or rule of law, as well as one which gives the tenant the right to remain in occupation and which restricts the right of another to recover possession.

Landlord is homeless and now wants his own home back to occupy it. How can the landlord gain possession? There are no grounds for possession,i.e rent arrears, false statements, selling property, etc.

It would be down to a judge to make a decision, if the landlord could assist with securing alternative accommodation, would this be favourable of a positive outcome to the landlord?

Or do you know of another way????

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Everything you have said above is true.

The Courts will rule in favour of the Tenant by virtue of the fact that he has been there 20 years. How long has the Landlord owned the property?

One of the pitfalls of buying a Property with a long standing Tenant in place.

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