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Tenant dissappearance..


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Apparently...My mature tenant who has a lovely yet frustrating way of writing ten page documents regarding the laziness of the other tenants..but yet treating property like her own..has disspearred.

I was told she was arrested for 'Breach of peace'. for attacking other tenants in the house and also the neighbours.

The agents claim to have changed the locks.. and are threatening to remove her goods to storage as she has not been back to the house.

What do I do..?? Is it right for us to do this..Yes she owes rent..and yes this is a business,not nutty house..but what legal rights do we both have in this situation.?

Can someone clarify this for me.


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It looks like your Agents have done the job for you.

Hopefully, you have the deposit money to offset losses. Taking the Tenant to Court is an option but getting the money extracted from the Tenant is not normally successful in these cases.... even if you win your case.

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