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letting agent breach of contract


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My letting agent failed to carry out quarterly inspections on my properties even though she was charging 12% for full management.

The Tenant destroyed all of my furniture and fixtures and fittings then failed to make rental payment which I only found out when I called the agent to find out why it hadn't been transfered some 3 wks after due date.

The Tenant has gone and the agent has said that it is nothing to do with here.

I sacked the agent .

the agent now wants payment for 3 months notice, 1 months rent as I still have 1 of the tenants the agent found, and the 3rd the agent has removed and relocated.

The agent also paid the tenant her deposit back when she asked for it but tenant will not transfere it to me so I have no deposit.

the agent is not a member of any organisation but came recomended.

Can anybody advise of any course of action

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Firstly tell this unprofessional Letting Agent to get stuffed!

Write to them and outline the reasons why you are not paying them any commission for their total lack of unprofessional assessment of the situation and failing to look after your interest when being paid to do so.

You will not hear from them again and the chances of a Court Case in their favour is virtually nil,in fact you should be sueing them!

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