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Property Damage


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Can anyone tell me how the law stands with damage to the property.

I have a tenant who has the local council acting as gurantors, several weeks ago, my property was raided by police for suspected drugs, they smashed the door down, entered the property and arrested the tenant and 2 of his friends.

Later that evening the police released them to appear at a later date at the police station.

When I spoke to the police regarding the damage and replacement of my door, they said it wasnt there problem.

I eventually sent the bill to the gurantor and they said they were not responsible for paying it.

Can some one please advise me where I stand.


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Back to the Council Question again I fear!

The Local Authority (Council) will only normally guarantee the rent. Some Councils will cover damage, some won't.

Depends how your Tenancy Contract is worded.

No cover? then you have 3 choices.......sue the Tenant for damage, Sue the Police,

or repair it yourself and set against tax relief.

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