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old inventory on rolling ast


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hi landlords,

any advice appreciated. i am one of four on a joint ast. original ast was 5 years ago, and none of those who signed it are still tenants - over the years at least 3 or 4 new ast's have been set up due to people moving out/new ones coming in.

Now landlord wants to sell, and flatmates are panicking and want to withhold rent cos they fear losing the deposit, which they don't see themselves responsible for - which is fair in a way cos they have only been there a few months before this surprise. I think we should pay up and try to get our deposit the proper way.

Naturally after 5 years the place has some wear and tear - not excessive but the landlord could proabably think of reasons to withhold the deposit if he wants. So my question is: Is such an old inventory still valid? Shouldn't a new inventory have been drawn up at the beginning of each ast? It doesn't seem fair that we may have to pay for the crimes of long-gone tenants.

O - and one more question. I am keen to do the right thing and pay the landlord the last months rent, but have a feeling i'll be royaly shafted if my flatmates don't pay their portion cos we are jointly and severally liable. What should I do?


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If the original AST had an inventory, and then the AST was changed then unless the inventory was updated too, it's null and void.

Who's signature on the inventory? If that person has gone, then it's definately null and void!

I'd try to have a chat with the other tenants and landlord to discuss the matter openly to try and avoid a confrontation on the last day.


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After 5 years the original inventory is no longer legal and valid. Lazy Landord?

You need to have a group discussion with your Landlord and other Tenants and try and come to some agreement before the Tenancy comes to an end.

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