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electrics again


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I recently posted asking for advice on ''electrical testing'' herewith.

Any advice on a 5-year-old Barratt flat in Liverpool (owned by me but rented out for the last 5 years), which has just had an electrical inspection. There were no problems with it I just thought it was a wise thing to do. Some unsatisfactory observations in report, e.g. absence of local supplementary bonding where required (main bathroom and shower room).

Barratts say its not their responsibility, 2-year interior cover only (flats built to regs at that time), NHBC say not them, 2-year cover again interior, all standards approved by Liverpool planning dept at the time.

Electrician says regs were in place when flats built, not just recent new ones. He could not give an estimate to rectify (I thought strange).

Who do I believe? Can anyone advise?


I have since has a rough estimate from the electrician for approx £1000 to remedy things.

Q: Was I foolish to have the 5 year old new build property tested in the first place when I did not really need to.

Q: I feel as if the electrician is a con merchant.

Any advice/comments would be appreciated.

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hi george

it sound as if you have had a PIR done on your property, some inspectors are more picky than others, there is no set rules for pir's. you only need an inpsection every 10 yrs / change of occupancy.

the sup bonding in the bathroom is basically linking all circuits and "touchable" metal work together, i believe its a code 4 on a pir. bit of a task if its fully tiled.

£1000 to install sup bonding sounds dear, but depends on the "making good" after, you dont want green/yellow cable clipped down the wall of the bathroom!

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Your being ripped off !!

Supplementry bonding of water pipes in the bathroom will take about 20mins.

You are earth bonding the copper/metal pipes against static electriticity build up caused by water flow or if you like the electrical potential difference obtained. I won't go into it too deep because most people won't understand the technical reasons behind it. However, if you carry out a Google search I am sure you will find all the info you require.

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the reason for sup bonding isnt for static, and wont take 20 mins, although £1000 is very steep. its to bring all circuits and metal work to the same potential to reduce shock risk, you need to run a 2.5mm protected earth cable from the earth term in the light to shaver socket to shower to all exposed metal work, can be tricky if its fully tiled!

were there any other probs that will be rectified for the £1000?

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Supp bonding it to link the metal work together so that in the event of a fault either in the Broom or elswhere (metal pipes) one piece of metal cannot have a different potential than the other - because there is no potential difference then no current can flow then there is no shock

Supp bonding is required to be installed in

2.5mm green and Yellow single conductor if it is mechanically protected i.e.

conduit , or behind the skirting or

4mm green and yellow single conductor if it is un protected.

I would charge for a 10X8 bathroom about £160-180 if the linking cables could be concealed without too much making good, mronings work.

without seeing the job i cannot really give much more of a price indication

Hope this helps


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Go to........ www.diydoctor.org.uk/projects/bondingbathrooms

Easy straightforward job especially on a newish property such as yours and yes, I repeat £1000 is a rip-off.

If it is as bad as your Electrician has quoted then Barrett need to be informed with the possibility of legal action for incorrect/sub-standard installation work......this I very much doubt is the case on your new build.

The whole purpose of electrical bonding is to provide an easy path back to earth.

But read the above and you should have a better understanding of why it is necessary in both Old and New properties.


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"The whole purpose of electrical bonding is to provide an easy path back to earth."

mmmmmm..... not to be pedantic mel but your a bit out on this one, imaginge a fault occurs and your earth becomes live, resulting in the gas and water pipes subsequently becoming live, now you turn on your tap in the bathroom, its at 240v but you dont get a shock because there is no current path. (unless you have concrete floors and wet feet B) ) your radiator in the room isnt at 240v and whilst you turn the tap off with one hand on the rad your now being frazzled as there may be an earth path through the rad.

the purpose of bonding is to ensure everything will be at the same potential, ie; 240v in this case, which will ensure there is no earth path.

russ :ph34r:

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