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Noise/Drain Responsibility? Please Help


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HI. Iam new to the forum so apologise if I am being a nuisance.

I desperately need some advice. I had a tenant sign a AST for 6 months on the 5th May for 6 months. It is a ground floor flat with another flat above. All of the flats are manged by a company that I pay monthly

1 week later, an outdoor drain overflowed and the tenant went mental. I had the drains professionally cleared, but a little smell still remains outside the property.

She has also been complaining that the toilet seat does not have a cover although the seat is in tact and how this is a major hygeine problem.

Finally, she is complaining of noise from the flat above.

She did not pay her rent on the 5th June and has informed my letting agent that she is giving me 4 weeks notice because of the above-mentioned problems.

What do i do? Are these issues mine to address? She knew the seat had no lid when she viewed the property and negotiated a 20 pound rent reduction because of it. The noise thing is out of my control as is the smell. Please Help

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She cannot withhold her rent for something so trivial. She is, or will be in breach of contract. Your Letting Agent should write to Her and advise Her accordingly of Her responsibilities.

A toilet seat WITH A LID can be bought for £20 and five minutes to swop it over.

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