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Responsibility for repairs


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It depends whether you can PROVE that the malicious damage was caused by someone who entered your flat at the invitation of the tenant.

I would talk with the tenant, ASAP, and try and establish the facts.

Tell the tenant that if the vandals are not known to them then you will be involving the police to investigate the circumstances of the malicious damage further. If this is the case then you - as landlord - will need to pay for the repair and try and seek damages if the police ever catch the vandals.

If the vandal is known to the tenant and the tenant invited them into your property - then the tenant should be held responsible for the cost of the repairs. If this is the case then tell the tenant you will not involve the police as long as the tenant repairs the damaged done.

If the tenant cannot afford to pay for the repairs (because they haven't got the funds to cover the damage) - then you need to reach a compromise on how the repairs will be paid for as you cannot realistically expect a tenant to stay in a flat with broken windows !

My advice is try and reach a compromise with the tenant and get the windows fixed ASAP.

Good luck,

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