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electrical testing


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Any advice on a 5-year-old Barratt flat in Liverpool (owned by me but rented out for the last 5 years), which has just had an electrical inspection. There were no problems with it I just thought it was a wise thing to do. Some unsatisfactory observations in report, e.g. absence of local supplementary bonding where required (main bathroom and shower room).

Barratts say its not their responsibility, 2-year interior cover only (flats built to regs at that time), NHBC say not them, 2-year cover again interior, all standards approved by Liverpool planning dept at the time.

Electrician says regs were in place when flats built, not just recent new ones. He could not give an estimate to rectify (I thought strange).

Who do I believe? Can anyone advise?


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Electrical bonding of supply pipes has been in force for years...... at least 10!

It is for the release of potentential differential of static build up allowing any electrical static charge to return to earth via the pipework.

Barrett are fobbing you off! Check with another qualified electrician to see if what I am saying is correct or not.

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