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Hi can you instruct me on utility bills,first of all do i need to contact gas,electric,water and community tax and inform them that the property is now a rented property and the tennant will be responsable for these

(2) Am i liable to pay gas,electric and water if the tennant leaves outstanding bills

(3)Do i have to pay community tax and water rates while the property is un occupied.

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1. Yes you do.

2. You are not responsible but your Tenancy Agreement should state that fact, doesn't it?

3. Yes, you are liable for ALL utility bills and Council Tax during periods of non occupation.

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Hi Firecracker,

You should always let the tenants take care of the Gas, Electric, Water (Where metered) and Council Tax.

Do not be tempted to collect it in the way you are. If your tenants fall on hard times, they can claim benefits. If they no longer have funds available, and you can no longer collect the Council Tax, you will still be liable.

Gas, Electricity & Water, simply write to the relevant utility companies when they new tenants move in, give the names of the new occupiers, the readings and your address for the closing account to be sent to. You do the same when they leave. Job done. Keep copies, the utility companies are awful at reading letters the 1st time.

If a tenant absconds, fine, take readings as soon as possible and let them know that they have absconded, give them the readings and tell them that you are the new account holder from whatever date they absconded.

If a rogue bill arrives in 3 months, simply attach a copy of the relevant letter and send it back to the company.

Far too many landlords fret about being held responsible for non payment of the utilities when they do not need to be.

Melboy makes a good point, ensure your lease makes reference to the tenants being responsible for the outgoings such as the utilities, taxes duties and assessments.

Put it this way, I have not yet had one landlord who has had to pay out a utility bill for a rogue tenant. I will not say I have not had to fight the utility companies on the landlords behalf sometimes, but this has been on very rare occasions.


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