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Hi again

Sorry its me again........!!! You people are soooo helpful !!!!

Well all has gone ahead, I've got the cash in my bank and I'm about to sign the tenancy agreement which I have amended to include / hopefully protect myself as much as possible.

I want to put in the tenancy agreement that I will be doing regular inspections as I am managing the property. In your experience, what time intervals would you say is reasonable to both sides for inspections ?

and secondly :)

The lady who is moving in ...happened to mention last night that she had loads of candles and loves having candles.in the house :blink: ......does anyone happen to know if this could invalidate any insurance I take out ? .....Should I be putting something in the tenancy agreement to tell them not to use candles ? or am I just being totally paranoid ???? :)


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:) Bloody candles! I actually forbid the use of candles unless it is for table decoration or one or two around the bath, hoping of course, they fall into the water at some point.

This ridiculous theme of having a million candles going up the stairs and around the walls and ceilings is asking for trouble and you would be advised not to permit excessive use of candles

Candles are responsible for a lot of House fires and that's all you need as a Landlord.


Two Months Max. on initial Tenancy.....you'll know if everything is going well or not and then 3 Monthly periods after that. I always give the Tenants a minimum of 7 days to let them know I am coming. Hopefully, everything is going well and you won't have any problems but don't forget it is a two-way discussion and they may want to bring a few problems to your attention.

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