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Housing Benifit not recived by landloard


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:angry: Hi hope some one can help me with advise.

I had a tennent in my flat who's refrences stated he was full time employed. he moved in october 2005, by end November the rent stoped apearing as he had stoped his sesonal work which would commence in march 2006.

I was fuming when he wrote to say he could not afford to pay rent and would be cliaming housing benifit, as from day one i made it known that i would not except that.

Obviously i had to agree to him claiming it and agreed that within 6 weeks payments would be coming in from HB untill he returned to work.

Hasting Borough council have been useless, i had written and visited the office regularly asking if the claim had been granted, no one would ever anseaw. I finaly got the tennent evicted at the end of march. He left with out paying, he trashed the flat, and left it like a pig sty. I know know he recived £75 a week housing benifit as letters have arrived for him requesting he re applies as his previoud claim is up for renewl. I know were he works but the employer won't confirm. i have no forwading address. What do i do, can i request the council re imburse me and claim money back off him or do i have to get dept recovery envolved.

This has never happened before. My other big mistake was making the rent include bills.

Thanks for any advise you can give

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All part of the risk and learning curve of being a Landlord I am sorry to say.

Most of us have been there at some time or other.

It is essential that any prospective Tenant is in a reasonably well secure job and has held that job for some while.....your Tenant wasn't.

HB should be paid direct to the Landlord but I know some Councils don't do that which, in my opinion is wrong.

The thing that upsets most Landords in cases like this, apart from the money angle, is the Tenant who trashes the place. Total disrespect in my view. On that basis alone I would persue the person throught the Courts in order to get some form of CCJ/Bankruptcy order against them. You could hand the whole thing over to a debt collecting agency to see what they can do possibly?

Other than that it is question of starting over again. Experiences like this does turn Landlords into hardened, but wiser Landlords.

What happened to the deposit then?


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