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Tenancy Agreements for under 18 yr olds


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Dear all,

Please can you help.

I am in the process of vetting a young couple of whom one is 17 years old, her mother has agreed to go guarantor for them but i am unsure about what i do with the tenancy agreement. I have bought a tenancy agreemement whereby there is obviously room for the tenants names and then the guarantor, but i have heard that as one of the tenants is under 18 it would not be leaglly binding, but if her mothers details go down as guarantor and the guarantor then signs the agreement as well, is this good enough?

Many thanks!

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There is no easy way to say this:

I wouldn't touch anybody who is under 18 years old as a Tenant in any of my properties..... guarantor or not.

Sorry, Hard fact of life I'm afraid.

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