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Window Replacement on Rental Property.


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Can anyone advise me whether the rules have changed on Window replacement?

I need to replace the rotten wooden windows on my rental property.

I would like to replace them with double glazed Upvc windows.

Is this cost of replacement a Tax deductable expense? (£2250)

It use to be (10 years ago) that you were only allowed to replace rotten windows with like for like (ie Single Glazed for single glazed) Has this silly rule now been amended? bearing in mind this Governments Policy on heat and energy efficiency in rental homes.

I cannot seem to get any answer from the IR on this subject.

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I'll answer my own question!

I spoke again yesterday to the IR about my problem.

The opinion was that I may replace my windows with uPVC and set the cost against repairs and maintenance and claim tax offset accordingly at the end of the financial year.

I can confirm that you never could do this a few years back (been a Landlord a very long time). The only time you could claim was against Capital Gains when selling the property on so, it looks like the rules have changed for the better.

I must get a copy of IR 150 book !

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I am a Chartered Tax Adviser and was about to answer your question - but anyway - I agree!

Booklet IR150 - some of this is now obsolete due to the change in the way that rents are viewed (this is of particular benefit in connection with increasing the level of mortgage interest that can be claimed - if this is something you pay, let me know and I will explain further)

The following web link will take you to the property income IR manual:


hope it is of help

Plym77 <_<

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