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Paying tax on rental income


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Can anyone help me?

i have been renting a flat for about 10 years, but have only just submitted all my paperwork to an accountant, i know, should have done it years ago!!

I have most of the invoices etc, but cannot get hold of bank statements etc from more that 6 years ago. I was told that the Inland Revenue can only go back as far as 7 years, is this correct?

Thanks :D

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They could go back 20 years!!

You will need if possible to dig out old tenancy agreements to verify income and I suggest you contact your banks and ask them to dig out there old records in storage for copy bank statements. If they have them!!

If you can't get hold of the bank statements it will be a case of do your best. The Inland Revenue will be more concerned that the income received levels are correct re the tenancy agreements.

Hope this helps.


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:) Why after 10 years have you decided to inform the Revenue?

I always thought it was 7 years as well but I suppose if you are going to declare 10 years they are not going to turn you down.


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