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tenants committing fraud


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I have just been contacted by my local authority and told that my tenants are under investigation. I have been asked for a copy of the tenancy agreement as it appears my tenant has given the local authority an agreement not generated by myself. The local authority also says I may be requested to give a statement. I have had no problem with the tenants although only early days. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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You say you have no problem with the T's, so I assume their payments are up to date ?? The trouble is that that is likely to be dependant on whatever they can scam from HB so may well be at future risk.

Just because the local authority make statements it doesn't mean that the statements are correct. You have a contract with the T and so far no responsibility to the 'authority'. They aren't the police but might be using an attitude that makes them seem so.

I don't approve of fraudsters, scammers, cheats, or any such like but you are in business and need consider yourself.

You decide but my approach would be to have a face to face with the T's, tell them what has passed between you and the authority. What ever their response read between the lines, it's more likely more lies and BS. If it doesn't feel right in any way offer them to sign a surrender document for them to naff off.

If they are bad 'uns you want rid the easiest way for you, with no come back.

If things go bad for you financially and regarding an eviction the authority won't be helping you out you will be on your own.

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