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Private bailiffs


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Hi - we have the second Sec 21 hearing in two weeks, the first hearing adjourned as the judge wouldnt accept the proof of service as the tenants lied about not receiving the notice. Anyways, once this second hearing happens and if successful, the tenants I believe get 2 weeks to leave. If after that they are still there, I have to apply for a county court bailiff or if allowed a high court bailiff.

Question to the forum is where do private bailiffs come in? Can they do anything at all to add to the speed the eviction process? To wait a few weeks for a county court bailiff to show up is ridiculous particularly when the tenats are not paying rent, havent paid for the past 4 months.

All I am looking to do is get them out of the flat asap and use every possible way to do that - and thats why the question of a private bailiff.

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